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WLP Dust Suppression

WLP - Dust Suppression

WLP Srl established in Trento Italy is designs and manufactures of dust suppression systems to eliminate dust with global reputation on industrial strength products and quality guarantees.

Dust is released from any material handling and which can cause severe danger for people health, environment and can be damage to the machinery. Coal and others mineral getting process has indicate activity of blasting, excavating, dumping, transporting, handling and storage as well as by natural of the wind will produce of dust cause a seriously emission danger for worker and environment and if not manage also will implies economic loss to the companies.

Brand of WLP provides the best technology for dust suppression and odour control system for a wide range of industries to many applications field industry include Mining, Quarrying, Steel, Wood, Cement, Concrete Production, Building and Demolition sites, Recesses and Inert Recycling Systems, Construction of Roads and Tunnels, Air Ports and Land Shipping.

WLP approved to operations the problem after natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and tsunamis, these a considerable number of casualties among human beings and animals that the risk of epidemic spread caused by rotting corpses which can reduce drastically the diffusion of infection bacteria.

The systems can be supplied as stand-alone machine or as centralized completely automatic system, includes a pumping station, a water distribution system and an electrical power.

WLP’s Dust Suppression system has advantages benefit:

  • More efficient than sprinklers cause use 70% less water.
  • Close to 50% reduction efficiency of respirable dust particles.
  • Reduce potential accident fatality cause visibility distance problem by dust.
  • Improve ambient air quality and protect local society environment.
  • Reduce working times to faster operations during the loading processes excavators to dumpers.
  • Easy to install and use with covers a large area.
  • No need people to wet roads, no need calibration and no need replacement consumable part.
  • Make reduce operating cost company.

Over more than 6.000 unit WLP System have been installed in global company around the world included mining,power plant,steel,cement and others industrial.

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PT. Federal Trada Utama – Distributor WLP Dust-Suppression Indonesia – Jaksel (Jakarta Selatan)